Social Pedagogue & Kids and Youth Ministry

Dear friends,
mission is what God put on my heart. I was, and still am, learning more and more about what it means to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ. And I want to pass that on! I would love to use what God gave me to inspire young people for Jesus and equip them to follow Him. Good guidance, like mentoring, is so valuable for personal and spiritual growth. I am grateful for the organization NEUES LEBEN (NEW LIFE) where I can use my gifts for this dream.

I am also thankful for the fellowship I get to experience in my ministry because I am convinced that many things are often easier to accomplish together than by just doing them on my own.


Get to know Jesus

We as NEUES LEBEN are passionate about helping as many people as possible to get to know Jesus.

Deepen the faith

We would like to help you deepen your faith with our offers.

Share the gospel

We want to empower you to share the gospel.


  • NEUES LEBEN Evangelism – At the heart of our work is evangelism, motivated by the desire for as many people as possible to learn about Jesus Christ. That is why we employ evangelists, theologians and missionaries who explain the gospel to people in a contemporary way at events, on the street or on social media.
  • NEUES LEBEN Education – The Rhineland Theological Seminary offers access to a location-independent, personalized and accredited theological study program at Kairos University.
  • NEUES LEBEN Retreats – The NEUES LEBEN campus offers leisure and vacation activities for children, young people, singles, couples, families, and senior citizens. The campus also includes CAMP WEST, an adventure holiday village.
  • NEUES LEBEN Media – NEUES LEBEN publishes the free Christian magazine NEUES LEBEN and various TV programs. 


At NEUES LEBEN I can live out my heart‘s call to invest in the next generation. My professional knowledge from my studies in social work and my passion for outdoor activities are quite helpful for this.

During CAMP WEST camps I have the opportunity to offer experiential and adventure programs for groups and class trips. Besides that, I can share my experience in following Jesus through being a mentor in the discipleship program for the volunteers.

  • Pray that God will use me to guide young people whom I work with on their journey of faith.
  • I constantly need good ideas for the programs at CAMP WEST. Please pray for creativity and that the young people are willing to engage in the activities.
  • Every summer I will spend a month in Austria. I would appreciate your support and prayers for the challenges involved in that transition, such as the travelling, locations, and the ministry there.

Prayer builds the foundation of my ministry. I am convinced that God uses our prayer to bring about a change of situation. Therefore I invite you to support me with your prayers.

My work with young people is financed by donations. I am very grateful to you if you have the ability to contribute through a one-time or regular donation. Through your donation we make visible the Kingdom of God together.

In my work I have the opportunity to encourage and accompany young people in discipleship. Do you know others who share this vision? Tell them about it and connect them with me to become my supporter or partner or to organize events with me.


To be able to put my calling into action at NEUES LEBEN I need people who can accompany and support me on this path – I need partners who are committed to work with me to help young people encounter God and grow in discipleship. I am grateful for everyone who partners up with me to whatever extent he or she can.

“Yes, I will be part of Sara‘s ministry!”

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