Elias Möller


Dear friends,
I have a deep passion for inspiring people for God and His Word. I love to help them find answers to questions, whether those questions arise from faith or unbelief. 
I want to serve other people in this way. So it is important to me to listen to people in order to deal wisely with them where they are in their journey. I trust the Holy Spirit to guide me in the process of sensitively and logically leading them to the answers that Jesus provides. My goal is to inspire them to live with Jesus.
All to the glory of God.
Would you like to partner with and support me?

God bless you!


From street outreach to social media: I try to reach people with God’s truth in many ways.

Churches, organizations, institutes, or other organizers can book me for sermons, lectures, or seminars on many different topics.

In addition, I help with various camps that NEUES LEBEN offers. In various roles, whether as a small group leader or even as drummer in the camp’s worship band, I try to help the campers know and move closer to Jesus. Sometimes they just need encouragement.

  • Please pray that I will recognize the guidance of the Holy Spirit when I deal with questions of faith.
  • Pray for encouragement from God and people he puts in my life as I prepare for (lots of research!) and fulfill the ministry opportunities God gives me.
  • And pray God uses me to inspire others to start or deepen a life with Jesus.


To put my passion into action at NEUES LEBEN, I need partners who support me and in this way participate in inspiring people to follow Jesus. I appreciate and am thankful for everyone who helps me in any way they can.

  • I gladly keep you informed. Subscribe to my newsletter or contact me!

Prayer is the basis of my ministry. I am convinced that God uses our prayer to intervene in situations and change them. That is why I invite you to support me with your prayers.

My ministry to God and people is funded by donations. Through your donation, we help grow the Kingdom of God together. I am very grateful for regular or one-time contributions.

I answer questions about God and inspire people to live with Jesus. Do you know people who share this vision and might be willing to support me or even organize an event? Have them contact me!


Yes, I will be part of Elias‘s ministry!

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  • I will support him and his ministry financially with a one-off or regular donation.